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The trainers / experts of CEPEC International all have a strong experience with initial or lifelong training of trainers and teachers. This very diversified team is active on all the levels of the educational system and in every didactic field.

alt  Collaboration with Universities

CEPEC International associates to its actions and reflections researchers and scholars from different universities in France and abroad (Lyon, Grenoble, Paris, Montpellier, Dakar,...).

Our Training Center takes part in several graduate trainings such as the Master degree "Diffusion du FLE: Interventions et expertise" (French as a Foreign Language: Interventions and Expertise), jointly with the University Lyon II.

CEPEC International has also signed a framework agreement with the University Cheick Anta Diop of Dakar and has developed a partnership with FASTEF (the Faculty of Science and Technology of Education and Training) in Senegal, also through a cooperation framework agreement. Another partnership has been developed, in the same country, with INEADE (the National Study and Action Institute for the Development of Education).

alt  Publications

Through its previous research and innovative education works, CEPEC International has contributed to the construction and the dissemination of the concept of  "competency". In the book "Construire la formation: outils pour les enseignants et les formateurs" (Constructing the Training: Tools for Teachers and Trainers), CEPEC International develops, among other key-issues, the concept of competency and offers a strong method to acquire the ability to conceive training plans.

CEPEC of Lyon, in a close collaboration with CEPEC International and under the direction of Charles Delorme, has published the collective book "L'évaluation en questions" (Evaluation in questions). Lecturer at the University Lyon II and expert in Educational Sciences, Charles Delorme has, as director of CEPEC International, taken part in the 50th inter-ministerial session of the CONFEMEN (Conference of the Ministers of Education Having French as a Common Language) in November 2010 and in the conference at the University of Quebec, in Montreal in April 2007.



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