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Used to collaborate with Ministries and with Technical and Financial Partners,  CEPEC International nowadays aims to develop a stronger link with Civil Society Organizations. The center is currently working with two other Non-Profit Organizations: CEPEC Network and GREPAC (Meeting, Exchange and Sharing Group Albert Confort).

CEPEC International's will to further conceive projects with NGOs is in direct continuity with the experiences that have been gathered for year, and is thus focused on the following issues:

  • Training of Trainers and Managers
  • Training Engineering
  • Capacity Building and Governance Skills
  • Local Educational Resources
  • Local Development
  • School Drop-Out / Back-to-School Programs
  • Inclusion Issues
  • Vocational Training

CEPEC International has already worked on issues like the school enrolment for girls with UNICEF. This project has helped the development of "research-actions" in six African countries, favouring the improvement of the conditions of girls' education.

Through this Department, new partnerships are currently being developed with NGOs in order to built innovative projects, with combined specialities and common funding.



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