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You will find in this section some examples of the projects led by CEPEC International in African countries as well as in Eastern Europe. Those international projects are always conducted in close collaboration with our local and institutional partners, whether concerning the implementation of educational reforms or trainings abroad and in our facilities.

alt  ALGERIA & FRANCE - Elaboration of a Lifelong Training for French Teachers in Collaboration with the School Inspectors [November 2007 to May 2014]

French Embassy - SCAC / Ministry of National Education

Number of experts: 9

Description: Four training sessions of a month for 50 teachers; three training sessions of a month for 30 school inspectors; missions to implement the effects of those trainings in other "Wilayas".

alt  ROMANIA & FRANCE - POSDRU 87 /1.3/S / 6277/ Program [April & November 2013]

European Commission / Romanian Ministry of National Education

Number of experts: 9

Description: Organization of two training seminar for 50 French schoolteachers, including visits of classes. One of the goals of the seminar was for the teachers to put in perspective their reflection and practice on French as a Foreign Language, and to elaborate new didactic material. These productions have then been used in their Romanian classes and shared on the digital platform SIVECO.

alt  REPUBLIC OF GUINEA - Support to the Quality Improvement of Vocational Training in Normal Schools [November 2010 to August 2012]

World Bank / Ministry of Pre-University, Technical, Vocational and Civic Education

Number of experts: 7

Description: Training engineering: support to the elaboration of an initial training strategy for school teachers in a process of problem resolution with an objective of capitalization, formalization, harmonization and improvement of the existing resources. This mission led to a global audit in this field and to the elaboration of a general policy act.

alt  MALI -  Support to the DNEB in the Framework of the Implementation of PISE II Program [June 2009 to December 2010]

AFD / Ministry of National Education - National Direction of Basic Education

Number of experts: 17 (+3 local experts)

Description: The first component of this mission consisted in supporting the initial training of primary school teachers (training engineering strategy; implementation of new curricula; support to the training of teachers; support to the training of administrative staff of normal schools; support to the use of libraries). The second consisted more specifically to support the training of the French teachers.

alt  ALGERIA - Support to the Reform of the Algerian Educational System (Consortium) [March 2005 to April 2009]

MEDA - European Union / National Ministry of Education

Number of experts: 12

Description: Support to the national executives for the planning, the execution, the management and the implementation of a 17 million € project to reform the Algerian Educational System. This project also included a vast capacity building program aiming to improve the quality of teaching, to strengthen the management of education, and to enhance the access to the educational system as well as its equality.

alt  MALI & FRANCE - Scientific and Technical Support to the Curricula Reform of Basic Education [March 2003 to November 2005]

French Embassy - SCAC / Ministry of National Education - National Direction of Basic Education

Number of experts: 12

Description: Elaboration, testing and implementation of the basic education curricula, for which 60 missions have been conducted in Mali, completed with 15 intensive capacity building training seminars in France for the executives of the National Center for Education and the National Direction of Basic Education.




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