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About us

alt  Who we are

CEPEC International (International Pedagogical Study Center for Experimentation and Consultancy) is a training and research center that has been active in the fields of education and international cooperation for more than 30 years. As a Non-Profit Organization, it offers services in training, technical assistance, study and assessment in France and abroad. CEPEC International develops its activities across 3 departments:

alt  Our values

The educational experts of CEPEC International all share a common vision of their interventions based on considerable involvement with their partners, teamwork and a deep understanding of the cultural context of the countries involved. These interventions aim not only to provide short-term solutions for identified needs, but also to empower the persons involved as well as their organization. As autonomy itself constitutes a goal to be reached, our interventions focus on a production and a project management approach to guarantee long term effects for all actions undertaken.

alt  Our facilities

Located in Craponne, near the city of Lyon, our facilities are designed to welcome a broad range of publics as well as smaller groups. Over the years, CEPEC International has organized events and training seminars, which can last from a few weeks to a whole academic year. With two large conference rooms, several classrooms, a documentation center (with more than 10.000 reference works) and an on-site restaurant, the center offers a work-friendly environment.



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